KOPFC Element Event Center: a Versatile Venue for Almost Anything

Parker Gurtler, Community Reporter

The Element Event Center is the new addition to the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center. The KOPFC offers services including weight and exercise rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, and an ice rink inside the Olympic Oval. The Element Event Center will serve as a prime location to hold any business event or special occasion in an exquisite and modern setting.

The executive director for the KOPFC Pattie Hansen told the Cougar Claw about the element event center in an interview. She provided some general information about what exactly the new addition is, stating, “The Element Event Center is a section of the Kearns Athlete Training and Event Center (KATEC) which was completed in December 2018.”

Pattie Hansen also described what the center specifically offers to the community. “The Element Event Center can host almost any event since it is a “blank canvas” space. Weddings, reunions, business meetings, trainings, and community open houses are some of the events that have been held in the Element Event Center over the first year of its opening. It is also instrumental in the international speed skating events the Olympic Oval hosts. We are hoping it will be an asset as we bid on the 2030 Olympics. The Element Event Center has a state-of-the-art AV system and WiFi for all types of presentations.” When asked about the costs, she gave details on the building’s three tier pricing, stating, “The costs vary depending on the event. The Element Event Center has three tier pricing, the lowest price is for community events and then corporate pricing for business activities and meetings. The price ranges from $15 for an hour to $4,000 for the day, price sheet is attached.”

Pattie responded to a question about what she hoped to see happen with the Element Event Center, stating, “It is our hope The Element Event Center is used by the community, publicly or privately, as a meeting and celebration venue. It is a great space in the heart of Kearns and has a lot to offer those interested in using the facility. If you haven’t been in the new KATEC building, please come and look around. You can even attend the Kearns Metro Township, Kearns Community Council or Oquirrh Recreation and Parks District meetings held in the facility each month to keep up on the latest issues in the community.

The newly finished Element Event Center appears to be shaping up to be a top tier venue for the community to use for almost anything and is available to rent. The services offered between the Element Event Center, the KATEC building and the Olympic Oval are providing Kearns residents with the pinnacle setting for recreational activities and easy to use space for almost anything. Success looks imminent for the Element Event Center.