If You Like it Then You Shoulda’ Put a Leash on it

Maddy Littleford, Editor In Chief

The American Humane Association estimates that overall 10 million dogs and cats are lost in the U.S. annually.
Since early 2010, Salt Lake County Animal Services has advocated for micro-chipping your animal. Salt Lake County Animal Services also suggest licensing your pet giving them a collar.

Along with tags containing information about the animal. Not only are licenses for your pet required by the law, but these tags will be vital in helping return your pet if or whenever they run away or wander from home.

This past year more than 60 animals including dogs, cats, and rabbits have been filed as missing in the Kearns area.

In 2018 Alexis Lamberg’s black and white pit bull puppy went missing. The puppy, by the name of Money, was quickly posted about on Facebook, and soon after the post was shared by the Kearns Metro Township Facebook page, run by Kearns Mayor, Kelly Bush.

“I was worried sick. We were looking for him all night,” Alexis told the Claw. Thanks to the aid from the Kearns Metro Township Facebook page and the Kearns community members who shared the post and kept an eye out, Money was found and returned to Alexis Lamberg within 26 hours of him going missing.