Sweethearts 2020


Jessie Bradley, Junior Community Editor

Sweethearts is an annual dance that is held around Valentine’s Day. This semi-formal dance happened at Kearns in the auxiliary gym on Saturday February 8th from 7pm-10pm. Our Sophomore Student Government has decided to bring back the tradition of hosting an annual dance between Sadie’s and Prom. But what goes into getting a dance ready?

One of the reasons this dance was brought back was because of the SBO’s. They felt as though there was a big gap between Sadie’s and Prom, and have been planning this dance since last summer.
The theme this year was “A Dozen Roses”. Ashlyn Cleveland, a Sophomore Student Government official states, “We got the sweethearts theme from a song called ‘A Dozen Roses’ by Sammy J. We loved the name and how much we could do to improve it.”

The Cougar Claw talked with Andrea Srdic, and she stated, “The sophomores are the ones working on it. We have to figure out the specifics of all the decor, where it goes, and the main theme. Then, it has to be approved by the advisor, Bob Ostberg. We have to order the supplies once it’s approved, and the week before the dance, we make all the decorations. The day of the dance, we set up all the decorations in the gym.”

The work students put into the dance definitely showed, and most of the students had an enjoyable time.