Supporting Medical Heroes

Bailee Champman, Community Editor

It is no question that the nurses, doctors, scientists, and hospital staff are the heroes

protecting the world from the horrific effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), but there are also

some people with no medical or scientific education that are doing everything they can to help

during the ongoing pandemic.

People like Sheri Yeisely, an interior decorator who specializes in window treatments in

Bethlehem Pennsylvania, are sewing masks and gowns for hospitals who have run out of

supplies. This small sacrifice that people have begun to make is already helping a large number

of hospitals, and thousands of masks and gowns have already been donated.

Utah residents also have begun to participate in this beneficial act, and all are encouraged

to help in the creation of masks and hospital gowns. According to the University of Utah Health

(, homemade cloth masks can help slow the spread of COVID-19. “Such masks

– combined with appropriate physical or social distancing – may help slow the spread of

COVID-19 in our community.”

All members of the community are encouraged to help stop the Coronavirus, and this

includes social distancing and help sewing gowns and medical masks if possible. As the state of

Utah continues to adapt to the changes that the Coronavirus brings, all residents are motivated to

help stop the spread until life goes back to normal.