Staying Busy During Social Distancing

Jessie Bradley

While we are all going through this life changing event, some of us might be getting bored. Quarantine can get boring, there is no doubt about that. So what are some things you can do while you’re stuck inside for the next month while also keeping your health a priority, well we made a list for you. One: Create or start a new hobby. There is something people have always wanted to start doing but never had the time too. Why not pick up that hobby now? Some of them may include: learning an instrument, learning art such as drawing or painting, knitting or crocheting. There is so much to learn out there that can help you create an escape, find something you enjoy and try it out. Two: Go outside I know staying inside can get tiring, while staying inside is crucial to helping slow the curve, not everyone can stay inside their home for two months straight. If you have a backyard, you can lay on the grass and read a book, make sure to put sunscreen on though! You can take a walk around the neighborhood with your pets, look at the shapes in clouds. There’s many things you can do outside, just make it a challenge to yourself to make it as fun as possible. Three: Have fun with staying in contact. There are many things people can do alone, but what about when we start missing our friends that we used to see almost daily? People can start to feel isolated and alone, and we want to prevent that. Make sure to check on your friends and other relatives to see how they are doing during this quarantine. For fun activities to do with your friends, you can all create your own Kahoot! and see who knows each other best. Do face masks or other self care things over a video call. There is a computer extension that is called Netflix Party, it allows people to chat while all watching Netflix together at the same time. Get creative and fun, but stay safe.This is an ever changing time in many of our lives. It creeped up on us and we had to adjust to it fairly quickly. The Cougar Claw interviewed multiple people, we asked three questions: What have you done to keep yourself busy during quarantine? How has this affected your every day life? What are you going to take away from this experience. Emily Preble answered, “Reading books, walking my dog an baking have been keeping me busy. My schedule is completely different, I get more sleep but I have more time for procrastination and getting nothing done. Also I seem to be on my phone more, while I was at school I was around my friends and off my phone. Be grateful for everyday that you get to interact with your family and friends that don’t live with you.”We hope everyone out there is staying safe and keeping in touch with those they love.