Comparing Key Concepts

Nephi Sapoi

Black Lives Matter

Joe Biden (D)- Supports the Black Lives Matter movement. He believes that all people are made equal and that it’s the right people’s right to protest against things they don’t agree with.

Donald Trump (R)- Trump has said that the death of George Floyd was sad, yet more whites die to the hands of police than blacks. He doesn’t agree with Black Lives Matter and believes we should see that all people are suffering not just Blacks.

Climate Change

Joe Biden (D)- On investing 2 trillion dollars into massive green jobs programs to build renewable energy infrastructure

Donald Trump (R)- He has acknowledged it exists. Trump has made environmental rollbacks on many of Obama’s policies.


Joe Biden (D)- He has also done all he can to fight off the virus. He has spoken about the effects COVID-19 has had on the economy and on people. He’s spoken out on how COVID-19 has bigger effects on different communities.

Donald Trump (R)- He has stepped up to help fight off COVID-19. He has cut off travel to and from China, built the world’s leading testing system from nothing, and mobilized private and public sectors, and took action to protect vulnerable Americans.