Youth Town Council

Alyssa Sainsbury, Managing editor

Kearns Youth Council is accepting donations for the Kearns Food bank.The Kearns Youth Council is a group of students in Kearns High school. They focus on finding ways to better the community, and fundraising for the local food pantries can help. They are asking for non-perishables or money donations to give to the Granite Education Foundation and the food pantry. The venmo account is @KearnsYouthCouncil and you can drop your donations off at Andrew Busath’s room 135. 100% of the donations will go towards the foundation. You also contact student Emily Rojo Mendoza at [email protected] if you’d like to make food donations.
Why is the Food Bank so important? An estimated 1,000 families depend upon the local food banks, in this community. There are six food pantries in the local areas, in Beehive Elementary, Gourley Elementary, South Kearns Elementary, West Kearns Elementary, Kearns Jr. and Kearns High. All of those are big help to this community, and do good for the families around that area.