The Decrease in Cancer

Amelia Slaughter, News Staff Writer

The decrease of Cancer in the world has been going down and it’s decrease is cause for celebration. Lung cancer was the thing that drove the cancer record all the way down and they were going down at 1% at a time but in 2017 it dropped dramatically. Lung cancer is still leading the most caused cancer, but the efforts of healthcare workers and scientists have worked to decrease that number.
Lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer are the top cancers that are killing people and they have the highest rates. Breast cancer has decreased over the years and it keeps going down, prostate cancer has gone down over the years and is also going down more and more every year, colorectal cancer has gone down for men and for women. The steepest decline with cancer death would have to be melanoma.
The accelerated drops in lung cancer and melanoma is because people are doing the cancer treatments and since people are doing the treatment and also beating the cancer they are most likely not going to get the cancer back. The improvements are in other treatments and other medications that are being used. People are beating these cancers and they aren’t getting the cancer back or they aren’t having other complications that they would be having with the chemo.
Each year doctors are learning new things about cancer. They are learning more ways to fight it and new treatments. As they get to know more cancer patients, they are starting to learn more about these cancers. In 2020 they expected a number of deaths but they are trying to find ways to stop that and they are still doing more research everyday to try and help more patients. They want to try and stop the spread of it. But the same amount of cancer cases has stayed the same since 2016. As cases are already dropping they believe that in these next few years that they will start dropping and they will start to have it under control.