Evidence2Success Kearns Youth Council


Alyssa Sainsbury, Managing editor

The Kearns Youth Council is a part of the Evidence2Success Coalition. It is led by students with a few adult advisors. Their recent mission is to help raise money for the local food banks. There are 6 local food banks in the Kearns community: Beehive Elementary, Gourley Elementary, South Kearns Elementary, West Kearns Elementary, Kearns Jr, and Kearns High. They found evidence that 1,000 families depend upon these local food banks.
According to Feeding America, because of COVID, about 42 million Americans and 13 million children could be facing hunger this year. Before COVID, food banks relied on 2 million volunteers and, but those numbers significantly decreased. Even though we are in a pandemic there is still a way to help by donating money to these food banks. And that is the goal for the Kearns Youth Council, a goal of raising 12 thousand dollars. The council is offering a rafle prize for those who donate to the cause. They are offering gift certificates to Target, and other businesses. They are also offering a $100 gift basket to All Star Bowling and Entertainment. There is a variety of different prizes and gift certificates that could be won just by donating to the Food Banks.
Currently they have raised about $6,000 and are hoping to match that at the end of the school year. The main donor, Aaron Meier, donated $6,000 to the Kearns Youth Council mission.
The Council hopes to grow more with members and missions. If interested in joining, please contact Andrew Busath. To donate to this cause you can venmo to @KearnsYouthCouncil or to donate foods or other types of money contact Emily Rojo Mendoza, Kearns Youth Council president, at @[email protected]
If you need more information, you can contact Andrew Busath or any of the members: Alyssa Sainsbury, Adrian Miranda, Antonio Banuelos, Britney Salcedo, Charity Johnston, Emily Rojo Mendoza, Kaden Carrier, Natalie Huerta, Parker Hansen, Esmeralda Higuera, and Angel Balladares.