New Face of Kearns High An Exclusive interview with Danny Stirland


Caytlin Pendleton, Editor in Chief

Danny Stirland will be the new Principal for the upcoming school year, 2021-2022. Stirland hopes to get back to normal, getting all students to face to face learning. “Have the comprehensive high school that hasn’t been possible from the last year and a half,” Stirland states. Stirland is a former student here at Kearns High School, as well as being a teacher and a coach here for several years. “I have my memories and experiences of what it meant to be a cougar for those 20 years, and I am sure when things change, some of the things that I have experienced will be different,” Stirland states.Stirland is very passionate about learning and understanding the culture around Kearns High.
Stirland, in his first year of being the principal, wants to be approachable and visible to the students and the staff. He wants to stay student focused, “I support all aspects of high school, both the academic, the fine arts elements, the athletics elements, all the clubs, I think that all those things are important to the high school experience. Those are things that connect kids, so I want to support those activities,” Stirland mentions.
“I am unbelievably excited, I cannot express how excited I am, it has been a dream of mine to come back to the school that I grew up as a student and a teacher. I love the community, and I just feel honored to have the opportunity to work with the community and the staff here at Kearns High School.