Granite School District Appoints New Superintendent

Caytlin Pendleton, Editor in Chief

On Monday April 26, 2021, Granite School District appointed the current Ogden School District superintendent, Dr. Richard Nye as their new superintendent.
After Martin Bates announced his retirement, the Board of Education went to the community to find what qualities the community wanted in a new superintendent. The community wanted someone who was visible, willing to communicate with the community, and as well as willing to work with the community. With that the Board of Education appointed Dr. Nye as the new superintendent.
Dr. Nye gave his thoughts on the new role in a video that was posted by Granite School District, which is on the Cougar Claw website.
“As I look at public education as a system in whole, as we think of pre-kindergarten all the way up to when they graduate. Graduation at senior year is a through point, it’s not an endpoint, and so our responsibility is to make sure that once they reach that through point that they’re prepared to be successful,” Dr. Nye stated.
“When I think of Granite, Granite has been the leader in the state for many, many things. The commitment to students is evident, as I see that in the teachers and the schools, it has always impressed me. The fundamental commitment is improving the conditions for students,” Dr. Nye stated about what he sees in Granite Schools District.
Dr. Nye will be the acting Superintendent of the Granite School District as of July 1, 2021.