Car Washing and Detailing


Luis Martin, Sports Staff Writer

Hand wash cleaning is a new business in Kearns and West Valley City. This business has been trying to grow big and build a reputation. People love the work of Mr. Martin, and people always come back for an interior basic wash.
He says he always has the best price for you and your car, for a full wash in and outside of your car is $50, an interior clean is $35, and an outside wash is $15. Mr. Martin has been cleaning cars since he was 19. Today Mr. Martin is 36 years old. He got inspired by his work, and he says that at his previous job, all the employees did bad jobs while cleaning cars. He wanted to make a change in that, and so he started to clean cars better than the other employees. By the time the boss noticed, he did not take to Mr. Martin’s initiative, so they got into an argument, and Mr. Martin ended up leaving. Eventually Mr. Martin decided to start his business washing and detailing cars. Mr. Martin says that he wants to do detailing but for the moment he can only do basic washes, which include leather treatment, but not the possibility to wash floors and seats. The outside wash includes tire shine, as well as making any plastic shine, makimg your car look like a diamond.
If you’re interested in a basic wash contact him at his Facebook group or