Thai Delight


Caytlin Pendleton, Editor in Chief

Thai Delight is a family owned and operated business located 6271 Dixie Dr, West Jordan, UT 84084. Thai Delight has a 4.7 star rating on google, people saying things like, they have great food for good prices, and friendly service. Thai Delight was first established in 2005, and is still a community favorite.
“At the end of the day we are just a small business that has been blessed to have the best customers. Our Regular Customers that come in every week to support my mom’s business, they are the ones that have kept a small Thai Cafe going for all these years. The people that eat here remind us how Blessed we are, and to keep working hard,” Tranngoc stated. Win Tranngoc is the owner’s son of Thai Delight.
“People are going to fight over which curry is the best. More times than not, between two people it’s usually the “Tom Kha Soup” (the Coconut Soup) and one of the curries and a fried noodle. I sell more Masaman and Yellow curry, but people will argue which one of the curries is the best,” Tranngoc stated. Thai Delight has many delicious dishes on their menu for a good price.
Currently due to COVID their dining room is closed but they do offer take out. “When we all get through this, we will look back and realize what we should be more grateful for, and it made us stronger. That’s what we hope for anyways,” Tranngoc mentioned.
After many years at the same place, Tranngoc stated “We’ve been at the same location for years, I was hoping when UDOT redid the roads they’d name that small stretch of road after us. We’ve been lucky to be where we are at all these years.”