Chemistry Welcomes Laura Cleave


Irene Philips

Mrs. Cleave

Irene Phillips

Several new teachers have come to teach at Kearns High School this school year. One of the new teachers is the chemistry teacher, Laura Cleave. She enjoys teaching at Kearns High School and is currently teaching Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and ACT Prep.
Mrs. Cleave makes sure that all her students are learning and answers questions when students ask for help. She is willing to help with assignments from different classes as well as her own. She states, “I decided to teach chemistry because I feel like it explains everything.” She said that in the future, she would like to start teaching biology so she can get into teaching forensic science.
Laura has lived in Utah her entire life. In her family, she has two older brothers and her parents. Before she taught at Kearns High School, she graduated in 2013 and became a pharmacist, then she went to Westminster College to get a degree for teaching. She came to Kearns High School and did student teaching under Mr. Angell, who teaches Geology. At home, Mrs. Cleave says she tries her best to not do school things because she prefers to relax and take her dogs and husband out on a walk. Her dogs’ names are Turk and Cupcake; one’s an Australian shepherd, and the other is a Golden Retriever. Apparently, Cupcake gets into more trouble than Turk despite the names.
Aside from school and family, her favorite things are board games, movies, hiking, camping, and reading. Mrs. Cleave’s favorite color is purple, dogs are her favorite animals, and her favorite band is Muse. She also enjoys listening to pop, country, and alternative. Cleave was asked what her favorite element on the periodic table of elements is. “No one has ever asked me that before,” Mrs. Cleave said laughing, “I think… I’d have to say hydrogen.”
Mrs. Cleave loves working with the staff members and teaching the students at Kearns High School. She would like to say thank you to everyone for letting her teach.