Geography Classes New Addition; Makinzi Mocrip


Tausinga Lyden

Makinzi Moscrip is one of the new teachers here at Kearns. Mrs. Moscrip the new Geography and Sociology teacher.
Before she decided to teach, Makinzi was a student at Utah Valley University. According to Mrs. Moscrip, she didn’t always want to be a teacher. Having other teaching experiences in her own life lead her to now have the career of teaching. When asking her what some of her goals are while teaching at Kearns, she says that she just wants to be involved as much as she can and just participate.
Mrs. Moscrip was born and raised in Taylorsville Utah, she likes to hike, her favorite color is green, she also likes history, her favorite food is French fries.
According to Morscrip, She starts her day by arriving at the school around 7:00 A.M. She prepares the work and lesson she has planned for her first period and for the rest of the day. After she moves on to anything she needs to get done, and basically does the same thing after school.