Charlee Holtey: Who is she?


Alyssa Sainsbury

Charlee Holtey, New Science Teacher.

Alyssa Sainsbury, Editor in Chief

A new face has popped up in the Kearns High School faculty. Her name is Charlee Holtey and she is the new science teacher, she teaches Biology, Wildlife Biology and AP Biology.
Holtey didn’t always want to be a teacher, but when she worked at an elementary school for a couple of years, she fell in love with teaching. So, she decided to go back to school and get her degree in teaching.
In an interview with Holtey she had this to say about her goals for being here at Kearns, “My goal is to help students learn skills that will help them when they leave Kearns High, like critical thinking skills and being able to talk about science in their life.”
Before Ms. Holtey came to Kearns High School, she was a substitute teacher and a college student. She was raised in West Valley City and her family includes her siblings and two dogs, Jackie and Jasper. Some of her hobbies include watching anime, doing crafts, and painting. Her favorite foods are quesadillas and enchiladas.