Teen Night Out; Elevate the Mind with Damarr Jones


Damarr Jones with Kearns Youth Council.

Alyssa Sainsbury, Editor in Chief

The Kearns Youth Council, which is a student run organization through Evidence2Success, hosted Teen Night Out to help better connect the Kearns community on September 17th. People came together to listen and learn about the amazing things within the community. Clubs from many different groups attended in hopes to show the community the different things available. Some of these clubs include Youth Services like Afterschool, and Prevention, Sky Hoop, Big Brother Big Sister, Healthy Teen, Evidence2Success, and even the Cougar Claw. They provided free giveaways to a select few and provided dinner to those who attended.
The Cougar Claw interviewed Adrian Miranda, a student Kearns Youth Council member, about Teen Night Out. He said, “The goal with creating this event is to get people excited about it, and for this to become a regular thing, where we have speakers come to Kearns and talk to us as a community.” He talked about the opportunity the parent company Evidence2Success has provided to the council in order to make these events happen. He talked about the most important thing being connecting the youth to the community.
Damarr Jones was the guest speaker of the event and he delivered a strong message to the community of Kearns. “People are not their environment, they are only as big as their mind would allow.” He went on to say, “I’ve had many no’s in my life, it only made me stronger each time. From low income housing and gang infested areas, to being in movies and performing for thousands of people. Life has shown me you can literally do whatever you put your mind to.” Kearns Youth Council is planning to host more events like this one. To keep up with them follow them, on their social media, @ kearns_youth.