Reviewing Joe Biden’s Executive Order in 2021


Image from CNN; Executive orders within his first 100 days.

Alyssa Sainsbury, Editor in Chief

As we approach the one-year mark since the election of 2020 between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, we review the first quarter of the new administration.
Within his first 100 days, Biden signed 60 executive actions, 24 of those were reversals of former president Trumps’ policies.
Joe Biden made many promises during his run for president. A big goal that he focused on during his run for presidency was beating the COVID-19 pandemic. President Biden has made 13 executive orders in order to combat this issue. One of the executive orders president Biden made was requiring COVID-19 vaccines for federal employees. Another one is a memorandum on maximizing assistance to respond to COVID-19.
Another promise Biden made during his campaign is to tackle climate change. He advertised to use clean, sustainable, and modern infrastructure for energy. Biden has made five executive orders in an effort to maintain his campaign promise. One of these is a proclamation on natural clean energy action month 2021. Some of the details about this order, based on the official White House website states, “During National Clean Energy Action Month, we also recognize that for too long, low-income communities and communities of color have borne a disproportionate burden of pollution from fossil fuels and other industries. Our goal is to ensure that historically underserved communities also benefit from clean energy.” Another executive order is a proclamation on fire prevention week 2021.
Based on the efforts Joe Biden has made to keep his campaign promises, we can assume that Biden will continue to work toward what he promised.