New Community Garden Coming to Kearns


Cougar Claw Staff

Kearns is currently in the process of planning and securing the funding for a community garden. The garden was cleared on 9/11 during Community Service Day! This garden will provide families in need and families who just want to eat better with fresh food. Grown fruits and vegetables are known to have more nutrients, better for the environment, vitamin D, and it saves you money! This will give people a chance to experience caring for a garden and to learn new things.
Josh Nielsen came up with the idea. Since April last year, they have been trying to improve their church property and use it for the community. After all those discussions, they agreed on a community garden! Research shows that access to these healthy fruits and vegetables could help prevent health conditions like cancer and diabetes. It is required from Kearns to be considered a healthy community and it opens doors for fundraising and grants.
“Aside from giving our community and students access to gardening opportunities, it will definitely beautify the neighborhood,” says Nielsen. The church where the garden is placed is in a darker corner that is rarely used. With the new Kearns library, the Utah Community Action Center, and now the garden, Kearns will become a nice corner for the community to use!
The community garden is on the same property as one of the busiest food banks! This will give the food bank a chance to hand these nutrisource fresh foods to many more families in need. Many people are just excited to see how many more benefits this garden holds.
If you would like to learn more about gardening or just want to help the community please email They need all the help they can get.
Special thanks to Hope Unlimited Community Church. Evidence2Success Community Coalition, Healthy Kearns Movement, and Kearns Metro Township for helping and being a big part in this project.