Kearns High Choir Concert

Coriantumr Kaumavae

Kearns High School Choirs Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, Take Note and Madrigals joined together to perform all different types of songs, in October. Students from each choir were excited to perform with each other and give all they had at the fall performance. Students showed off their singing skills to their friends and families. The Kearns High choir director is Miss Duncan.
Each choir learned the songs for the fall performance separately in their own class periods. Madrigal’s choir is focused on many different things, other than the fall performance such as their performance in Cedar City, at the Shakespeare festival. Isaac Byrd, a student from Take Note and Madrigals choir said, “I’m glad we had enough time to get our songs in order and I think the audience had a great time.” Isaac Byrd has been in choir since his junior year, Kira Paskett, a student at Kearns High said, “I joined choir to improve my singing and myself. I love the choir, the people and the community.” She is in the Madrigals and drama counsel.
She also said, “singing is a way to express myself in more ways than just words, it makes me happy and is a very freeing art.” Although she didn’t audition for a lead solo in the fall performance, she has had plenty of experience being a lead solo in past performances. She is a senior this year.
Emanuel Peter Ulutautogia Malaga Tagaloa, a student from concert choir said, “I joined choir because I can sing, I enjoy being in choir. It’s an easy class and yeah, very nice.”
Osbaldo Ojeda, a student from madrigals said, “I’m happy to be a part of the choir at Kearns and I do believe the performance was a success.” Osbaldo Ojeda has been singing all his life with his parents and became a part of Madrigals in his junior year, when he was told to take a packet and try out by Mrs. Duncan, Kearns High choir director. He is also a senior.