The Pep Rally Brings Cougars Together


This year’s pep rally at Kearns High was on September 23, 2021 to start off the homecoming weekend with a cheerful crowd. The pep-rally was held on Thursday night at 7:00 pm in the football field at Kearns High School. The crowd was thrilled for the night to begin. They shared their school spirit by wearing our school colors and cheering a lot.
They kicked off the night with the national anthem that the student body officers sang for the crowd whom also participated and showed respect. After the anthem they had dance company start the night off with a dance performance. We also had the Jefferson Jr High dance company come perform at Kearns High. The next performance was the Kearns High cheer team.
Following the dance performance they made a special announcement that Take Note would have their first on campus singing performance. Following after Take Note, the sha-te with performed a dance. They also had the performing group Perfection who also did a dance routine.
Kearns High Student body head cheerleader Trinity Chapman and the student body unity vice president Victoria did an activity. The activity was between two teams, team Stelin and team Housel. The game consisted in who could get a playing card with their teeth out of a pie first. Team Stelin was the winner for the game.
Next, they had the homecoming queen and king nominees play to see who could pass a shirt to each other first. Our winning team was the queen nominees.
The football team then took some time to thank the audience for the support and school spirit for the next days homecoming game vs Hunter.
Finally the big part of the night began. The Kearns high cheer team got the crowd started on cheering, and when the crowd was loud enough the lights went out. They lit the K and the crowd went wild as the fireworks began. Everyone was cheering and having fun.