U.S Speedskating Trials

Aida Salas Carmona

December 17-19 was the U.S Olympic Team Trials- Short Track Speed Skating, in Kearns.
The Cougar Claw Students at Kearns High were able to get an interview with Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation Marketing and Multimedia Manager, Brennan Smith about this special event.
For this event there are approximately 30 athletes competing. The Utah Olympic Oval hosts both long and short track speed skating every winter, this includes World Cups and World Championships. They also hosted the United States Short Track Olympic Team Trials before PyeongChang 2018.
“This event will feature the top U.S Speed Skating athletes competing for spots on the Beijng 2022 Olympic Team,” Said Press Chief, Brennan Smith. Athletes are highlighted with rising star Kristen Santos, Maame Biney and Ryan Pivirotto. Both One-time Olympians after competing at PyeongChang 2018. The competing athletes will race in the 500-, 1000-, and 1500-meter distances.
During this event there was also a Winter Festival held outside. This festival will feature family fun actives, food trucks, a DJ plus many more. Tickets can be purchased at the Utaholympiclegacy.org. Purchasing tickets online are $22.50, at the door price changes to $27.50. Everyone and anyone is welcome, Best of luck to these athletes.
Ice skating has been around for many years. Throughout the first years that ice skating was introduced skates changed quite a bit. The first ice skates were made from Shank, rib bones of elk, oxen, reindeer and other animals. The skates many get now when ice skating were once wooden or footplate based. They were attached to the skater with leather thongs or straps. Main changes in the skates were after 1900. That’s when the toe pick was added as well as a group of saw-like teeth at the top of the blade. Improvements were made so skaters gained a better form when doing certain jumps. One-piece-steel added strength to the skate and skater, as well as a much lighter weight blade.
During Holidays many families tend to go ice skating, but there are several who do more than just glide on ice. Figure Skating involves a various of jumps, spins and dance movements. The kind of ice skating that takes place at the Olympic Oval is a combination of speed skating and short- track speed skating.