Five Events That Occurred This Summer

Araceli Padilla, staff writer

SUMMER of 2022 brought lots of new and interesting things, a summer that seemed normal after a three-year pandemic. Here are five things that the summer of 2022 brought.
Event number one is when the movie The Rise of Gru came out on Friday, July 1. It even became a Tik Tok trend where people would show up in very nice suits and massive groups of mostly males. Movie theaters did not let anyone with a suit watch the movie.
The second event was when Yellowstone had a flood on July 13th. It affected parts of Montana which is where Yellowstone is located. The cause of the flood was heavy rain and snow melt. It, “caused about 10,000 visitors to be ordered out of Yellowstone National Park. “According to the Los Angeles Times, the flood hit many historic levels from the Yellowstone River, nothing was left in the path during the flood including roads. “Many parts of Yellowstone reopened on June 22,” according to Travel In USA.
The third event is the supply chain delays and it happened a lot during the summer. It was something that had been going on for 18 months, according to Foley. The cause of this was because of inflation, labor shortages, a higher demand for goods, etc. We are starting to get a bit better and getting on track with these shortages,
The fourth event is one of the biggest events that occurred during the summer, which was Roe V. Wade. It was a big protest with both sides arguing about the abortion laws and the perspectives on the subject. These protests occurred all over the United States. The fifth event that occurred this summer was when seven states were able to set the lowest rates of all-time for unemployment. Out of those seven states, Utah leads with a low employment rate. This was around July, and it had gone down by 1.8%,the percentage of unemployment in Utah was a 2.0. The state that had the highest unemployment rate out of the seven states was The District of Columbia, which was 5.2 percent, according to Economics Daily.