Black Student Union Organizes at KHS

Kimiltria Jackson, staff writer

”IF YOU could dream, knowing you wouldn’t fail, how big would you dream?¨ Innocent, Senior, BSU Member. The BSU is a Black Student Union, this is their first year operating out of Kearns. It’s an amazing club, where students of different backgrounds can come and find friends, learn more about other cultures and themselves. The BSU is a club the president and vice president are hoping can be a safe space for students within the community to connect.
“I saw how excluded we were and I thought, let’s include ourselves” says Hawa Muridi, (Junior, BSU President).
Hawa is hoping to teach black excellence and to teach students to be leaders. She wants BSU to be a place where students can “Step out of their comfort zone.”
“We’re changing the community by having fun” says Ma’nyae (Junior, Vice President), and is hoping to help students of different cultural backgrounds accept themselves. Hawa and Ma’nyae originally hoped to start BSU last school year but had a hard time getting admins and members to sign on, Thanks to these two amazing students who truly believe in their communities growth and never giving up the hope to unionize it, this year, Kearns High held its first ever BSU meeting. Students who have joined BSU love it as well!
“We’re fun, laidback, and welcoming of everyone” says Innocent ( Senior, BSU Member).”
Innocent is hoping to meet new people, support the black community and also help change the way others view the black community.
The President and Vice president expressed that they would love to see BSU grow this year and continue to grow after they graduate. They are a perfect representation of what BSU is all about, they stepped out of their comfort zone to start this amazing club to bring students together. Other members have expressed that they would love to come back to Kearns after graduation and help out with BSU events or even help host.
Come join us at BSU! Meetings are Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the library, also follow us on Instagram at “khs.bsu_” to get updates about meetings, events, and other gatherings hosted by the BSU