FRIDAY September 16th was the Kearns Cougar homecoming game. The game was held at the Kearns High stadium against the Roy High Royals. This is what the coach and one of the Kearns High players had to say before the game.
Coach Matt Rickards said, “If my players can have the discipline, effort and drive to succeed I know we can win”
He also said, ¨You know you’re lucky when you have that happen, but that’s our job as coaches to teach kids how to play the game. And the kids got to their part of learning and executing what we’re coaching them to do and right now we’re just not doing that. Some of the things they going well, our offensive line. they’re doing a good job running hard and that’s been one of the positive things the flaws from what we’re trying to fix from last week is tackling finishing drives on offense and improving the passing game.”
Filimone Fongupo starting center for varsity team also says, “Roy is no joke. They are disciplined and coordinated and we have to be the same for us to be great.”
The game started off in Kearns favor scoring seven points for a lead in the game.
“I wish I knew that part of athletics and competitions as you don’t know how it’s gonna go,” Rickards said. “So far our kids have been practicing hard this week, and there have been some huge, huge improvements. So I expect us to play a lot better than we did last week.”
As the game progressed so did Roy. They began countering strategies of the offense and defense in many ways throughout the game giving Kearns essentially no room to breath after halftime. The Cougars gave as much as they could not giving up, but in the end, Kearns took a big loss with a score of 17-35.