Granite Superintendent Retires


Caytlin Pendleton, Editor in Chief

Dr. Martin Bates, superintendent of Granite School District announces retirement. Bates has been the superintendent since September of 2010.
Bates has been working in education for 33 years, being a paraprofessional, a teacher, then a school administrator, then working his way up to the district office, and is now retiring as the superintendent.
In an interview conducted by Granite School District communication director Benjamin Horsley, Bates stated, “There is no greater profession than our education profession, and I have been blessed to serve in it.”
He continued “My grandfather was a teacher and administrator here, my aunt taught here for her whole career – more than 30 years; and my dad was a teacher here too. Education is the greatest of all professions and Granite has been the district my family has worked for more than 70 years.”
Bates stated that he will miss the school spirit and athletic games of all the schools in Granite Schools the most. Going to games, he could feel the school spirit in the stands, and it showed that Granite is proud of their sports teams.
Bates enjoys interacting with the students and he also wants to thank all the teachers for their hard work, especially this year. During his retirement, Bates is going to focus on his family, maybe grow a garden, and raise sheep.