Covid-19 Travel Bans Lifted

Irene Phillips

On January 25, 2021, President Biden issued travel bans to slow the infection rates of Covid-19. Now, with a recent announcement from White House Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients on September 20, the travel bans will be lifted in early November for those who are fully vaccinated, despite the new complications from the delta variant of the virus. An article by Alex Ledsom from Forbes states, “The Biden administration is reportedly earmarking 8 November as the day it will lift the travel ban on EU and U.K. travelers–the ban has been in place for more than 18 months,” though this date could be subject to change.
While most countries in the European Union still allow vaccinated citizens to enter their countries, the individual countries can make their own restrictions. For example, some of the countries included in the travel bans from the US are the Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, The Schengen Area, and China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa, and India. The CDC advises that if you plan on traveling out of your own country, then it would be wise to check how it’s been affected by Covid-19 restrictions.
Before leaving, people need to have a negative test within three days of the trip, show proof of full vaccination, wear a mask throughout the entire flight, and share their phone number and email for contact tracing reasons. The Center for Disease Control will keep sending out updates to keep everyone informed. In November, after going through certain procedures, travel will be able to flow between these countries once again, however limited it may be.