Counting the Impacts of Terroism

Christina Heimuli, Writer

The United States has been a target within terrorism for many years and counting. The attacks all throughout the world have an affect on every country in the world whether or not they care. However, terrorist attacks that take place in other specific countries affect the states more dramatically than others. It varies from the 9/11 attacks in the US, to the war in Syria, leading to the crisis in Paris. Each of these attacks had an affect on the United States, and continues to involve them more strictly.

As one may already know, the United States, as a whole, is the most prominent of all countries. Therefore, within difficulties and strikes that take place throughout the world, the US is where all hope turns. For example, the crisis in Syria, involves US support. The United States is helping in the fight for the Syrian citizens to live at peace, and therefore the US is constantly getting threats for it.

In response to the threats cast upon the US due to its aid in other countries, it puts the US in the state of being a target for far more dangerous attacks and maybe even war. The impact that terrorism has had on the US continues to threaten the people of the United States and make them feel unsafe and angry with the government when helping other countries in their crisis.

The United States has been involved in several acts of war, whether it be small or numerous, and also in response to the impact of terrorism on the U.S, several students attending Kearns High School say, “We are the next target.” Meaning, the US is giving the attackers more room and opportunity to set more attacks and try to take over what is now known as the most prominent countries of all.

The 9/11 attacks was the start of the lookout for foreign criminology, and made it clear to Americans that there will be far worse in the future. It is now several years past, and what was then the future is now present. The attacks on Syria, cast upon by Isis is just another way to get closer to the US and make it an easier target, which frightens the government along with the citizens themself.