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December 21, 2018

Students should have more time between Classes

Cody Brower

November 20, 2017

Many times at Kearns High School both the students and teachers complain about the lateness. The students don’t feel there is enough time to get to class, and the teachers don’t like when their students are late. One of the...

Sleep is for the Weak

Brianna Ossness

November 18, 2017

It is 1:53 in the afternoon and you hear a head slam on the table in your math class. One student’s homework proceeds to be ruined by their own drool and the rest of the students are on their phones. These are common occurrences...

Let Students Sleep

Amberlee Mercado

November 18, 2017

A student sits in their first period, as the teacher seems to drone on. The student struggles to stay awake and alert as the class continues. Their eyes close for a few seconds as they drift off before snapping them open in attempt...

Hiking Through Utah

Samantha Pedersen, Copy Editor

May 30, 2017

There are hundreds of hikes here in Utah and many people enjoy going out and seeing the beautiful landscape they have to offer. Some of the hikes that show the scenery of Utah include Silver Lake, Donut Falls, Tin Tic Standard...

Counting the Impacts of Terroism

Christina Heimuli, Writer

January 5, 2016

The United States has been a target within terrorism for many years and counting. The attacks all throughout the world have an affect on every country in the world whether or not they care. However, terrorist attacks that take pla...

Fall for Fallout

Janice Perez, Writer

December 10, 2015

Fallout 4 is the latest installment in the Fallout franchise. Fallout is the one of the most anticipated games in the world. Gamers across the globe waited months for this game. Fallout is a Role Playing Game  (RPG) set i...

Selfie Culture: Self-love or Self-Obsession?

Kiara Fortner, Community Editor

December 10, 2015

Click. At this moment, countless teens and millennials alike pucker their lips, wink an eye, or raise an ironic peace sign and snap a picture that will take mere seconds to appear in their friends’ Instagram and Snapchat feeds. F...

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December 30, 2013

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