Students should have more time between Classes

Cody Brower

Many times at Kearns High School both the students and teachers complain about the lateness. The students don’t feel there is enough time to get to class, and the teachers don’t like when their students are late. One of the biggest factors of this is due to the lack of time between classes, and abundance of students in the school.
There are certain places in the school where it is difficult to get through as the crowds move slowly. Areas such as the main hall, the math hall, and the ramps are often overcrowded. Some students in Kearns High tend to wander the halls looking for friends or an excuse to get out of class, causing crowding. There are also small groups of friends that stand in the halls making it difficult to pass, which cause the crowds to move slower. Therefore, more students are late as they had to pass through the crowds. The combination of the large amount of students and the short time between classes, leads to many getting to class late. Despite the fact they were trying to be on time.
Although the students are an issue in the hallways, the bigger issue is the lack of time to get from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B.’ There are many examples of students having classes on opposite ends of the school, which takes more time to get to.
Those who are slow walkers or even walk at a even pace may be late or close to late, as their classes are farther. There are also examples of some classes that are difficult to get to such as the back of the three hundred hall as it’s farther detached from the building, than most classes. There are instances where a student might have a class in the furthest possible point in the north hall, and then a class in the furthest point in the south hall, and five minutes just isn’t enough to get from their first to their second period classes.
When asked “Do you feel it’s the students or the lack of time leading you to be late”? Nikolai Leonhardt a student at Kearns High School, was asked about this issue. She stated “I feel it’s a bit of both, there have been times where I haven’t been caught in the crowds and because my class was in the north hall and I had to make it to the south hall, I was late.”
The abundance of students with their numbers growing and the short amount of time to get to one class to another leads to many being late. It would be a good idea to add more time between classes, as there are more students than there used to be. As the years progress it would be best to change the time depending on the number of students attending the school.