Hiking Through Utah

Samantha Pedersen, Copy Editor

There are hundreds of hikes here in Utah and many people enjoy going out and seeing the beautiful landscape they have to offer. Some of the hikes that show the scenery of Utah include Silver Lake, Donut Falls, Tin Tic Standard Reduction Mill, Mount Olympus, and Gobbler’s Knob.
Silver Lake is located towards the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s about a 20-30 minute drive from Kearns. Silver Lake is a 4.5-mile hike out and back. It’s rated on AllTrails (an app that has an extensive information on hikes) as a moderate hike. Dogs and horses are welcome on this hike. The trail ends at Silver Lake where fishing is available for the public. The scenery up the trail is very beautiful, exhibiting all kinds of the many wildflowers Utah has. The lake has a distinct glimmer that makes it very unique.
Donut Falls is also located in Big Cottonwood Canyon, so it’s a 20-30 minute drive from Kearns as well. Donut Falls is 3.7 miles long out and back. Dogs are not allowed on this hike. Donut Falls is also known to be highly trafficked. It’s rated as an easy hike on AllTrails and ends in a stunning waterfall. Donut Falls gets its name from the hole the waterfall pours through, which allows hikers to stand underneath the waterfall. It’s almost like standing in a cave that has a waterfall flowing through the top of it. It truly makes for an awesome photo! Ben Milne, a senior at Kearns High, said that he likes Donut Falls because “it’s different from any other hiking experience. You have to hike up water, too, which is fun.”
Tin Tic Standard Reduction Mill is anything but a standard hike. It’s located in Goshen, which is around an hour drive from Kearns. It’s considered an easier hike due to it’s short trek to the mill. On the way to an abandoned mill, there are beautiful lakes and amazing places to wander and explore. The abandoned mill itself is quite extraordinary. There are all kinds of spray paint on the structures that make it just that much more unique. Many people climb on the structures, which makes for a great adventure.
Mount Olympus is located in Salt Lake and is about a 20-25 minute drive from Kearns. Mount Olympus is rated as hard on AllTrails and is 6.6 miles out and back. Dogs are allowed on this trail. The trail leading up to the peak is covered in wildflowers and wildlife. It ends at the peak with a gorgeous view of the valley.
Gobblers Knob is near Mount Olympus, being a 20-25 minute drive from Kearns. It’s 7.6 miles out and back and is rated as moderate on AllTrails. It does not allow dogs. It also exhibits extraordinary views from the top as well as delightful scenery of the nearby peaks and valley.
These five hikes are a very small example of the many hikes in Utah there is to explore. They exhibit the different aspects of beauty that Utah wilderness has to offer.