Most Improved Players

Kami Hales

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Jalen Lenoir #5, Tight end, Fullback, and Defensive end
Jalen has been playing football for over six years now. Jalen’s dad has always been his inspiration to play the sport and to this day, he is his number one fan. Jalen enjoys football because it teaches you many things such as discipline, respect, and responsibility. “You learn from your actions in this sport. One action could change the whole game. Make the action for the team, not yourself,” Jalen tells us. The game grounds Jalen and he wants to play in the future. Jalen’s performance has undeniably improved over his years in football. There is no one to thank for his hard work, but himself.

Isaac Matua #9, Quarterback
Isaac has been playing football since he was eight years old, almost 10 years! He watched football on television when he was growing up and it inspired and made him want to play the sport. Isaac has learned many life lessons from this sport. The

football team, along with our school and community, is very diverse. “With being so close to all of your teammates, they become family to you. I won’t ever forget my brothers,” Isaac tells us. Isaac’s family is very supportive and they drive Isaac to play. Isaac hasn’t always been the quarterback; however, he has worked his way up and earned it.

Brayden Larrabee #3, Safety
Brayden has been playing football for two years now and he absolutely loves it. Because of this sport, Brayden has met so many new people who have truly influenced him. From playing football, you learn many life lessons and it has been very helpful to him with knowing responsibility. Most of his friends played the sport before he started and they encouraged him to join the team. With playing the sport, he has had much self-improvement and tells us he has become a “better person” because of it.

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