Athlete’s Future

Swaye Montgomery

The love for sports played by many teenagers started at a young age or a life story that has inspired them to play and get better and better every day. As a kid, KHS student Adhau Chol liked grabbing basketballs and messing around with them. It wasn’t till 7th grade Adhau decided she liked basketball but was too shy and scared to try out. Adhau’s 8th grade year she worked up the courage and tried out. Adhau did not make the team. “This inspired me to try harder, I practiced all summer and all day. In 9th grade I was asked to try basketball, after that I didn’t want anything more.” She was 14 when she finally was on a team.
“I gave it a shot after that, all I wanted to do was play basketball during recesses and lunch breaks,” she says. Adhau says, “When coach Troy asked me to play basketball. I tried one day, and I kept trying till I felt like I was about to drop dead. I practiced in the morning, at practices, after practice, and even during class I would practice as if I had an invisible ball.
“When I think of basketball it’s a mind switch. I didn’t think about anything outside of basketball. I play outside no matter the snow, heat, rain, or ice. When I go numb, and I play out my emotions. It’s the only time I can forget about everything.”
Adhau does have her reasons for playing basketball. “I started pushing myself to make my grandma proud.” Basketball has impacted my life because of a mindset. I woke up and it was what game next, what do I need to work on. I didn’t focus on anything else. It got so bad that my grades dropped.
Now I know how I can try and manage both while also keeping basketball a priority.” Adhau wants to go to college playing basketball, Se doesn’t have as much experience as everyone else but she is willing to work hard to get there. “If I work hard and never give up, I can get as far as I want. I need to learn to balance other stuff at school. I need to make school a priority if I really want to play basketball outside of high school.”
Adhau Chol is a team player and is willing to do anything to be the very best she can be.