Game on!

A look at Esports


Nick Robles

Nick Robles, Staff writer

Kearns- Gaming is at an all-time high but has also transpired into a career for multiple people. Video games have been around for a very long time, but people have always found themselves better at some games than others: this is where the split between casual and competitive gaming occurs.

Often games that have been around for a long time such as the Counter Strike series allow for players who have played continuously since day 1 to have much more experience over the newer players, this is why all newer games like League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege have included a automatically built in competitive and casual mode. For some hardcore players being at the top of the in game competitive mode is still too easy, that’s why Esports exist: Esports includes all the top tier players of a certain game.

The Cougar Claw was able to get a hold of a professional Halo player by the name of Douglas Vance. We asked Douglas a few questions.

the first being, what game did you decide to start playing professionally, with which Vance replied, “Halo 5: Guardians”.

The second question Douglas was asked is, was getting into professional gaming easy, he replied “No it was not easy at all, it often took up much of my time and left me wanting to quit at multiple points.”

The final question Douglas was asked is, will you compete again if given the chance with which he responded, “It will take hard work and dedication but yes as soon as a new Halo game comes out it will be a chance for me makes history.”

Vance can now be seen playing a variety of games on his twitch channel which will be linked below.

Overall professional gaming is at its peak and can only go up from now, it is never to early or too late to begin practicing or even competing. If you are attempting to get into the professional scene as a high school student, you can speak to a counselor or find a group of people you enjoy playing with and make something big out of that. Keep in mind getting into anything at a serious level comes with hardships such as time consumption and the requirement for hard work ethic, however in the long run it is always worth going for something you enjoy doing, Gamer’s Unite!