Aysia Holfeltz


Angelina Toala

In a survey that was handed out to Kearns High School, the students were asked “who is a peer you consider a hero?” Aysia’s name was mentioned quit a few times. They said “she is a good friend”, “She is so caring and always checks on her friends making sure they’re ok” and that “She is hard working and always tries to do her best”, when being told that her peers said that she said this “it’s very sweet that is their opinion about me, and I am happy to have done things to help my peers.”

Kearns-Aysia Holtfelts, is one of the many loved seniors at Kearns High School. She has been varsity cheerleader since 10th grade. She has always been a good student, maintaining her grades while being on the cheer team. She stated that maintaining both cheer and school has never really been a struggle because she makes sure to turn all her work in on time and that she is always on top of her education.

She is also involved in her community, doing community service with her team. Because it’s her senior year, Aysia stated that her high school experience “went by in a blinkt” due to the fact she is already a senior. When asked what she wanted to do in her future she said that she has thought about dentistry or teaching, and she has recently been admitted to the University of Utah. It is not surprising that she has been accepted due to the fact that Aysia is 3.9 student.