A Run for Success


Juan Villa

Kearns- Throughout our high school years we change significantly, and sometimes moving into high school can cause students to struggle. Ivan Lopez a runner on the Kearns High Cross-country team has showed how having a team can help him gain confidence being with others. 

The Cougar Claw asked Ivan, how has this sport helped you in life? His response, “I became more self-discipline while fitting in with others on a team made me a better person.” This shows Ivan is more comfortable with his team in school. Making it easier for him to socialize more significantly. 

Furthermore, the Cougar Claw questioned what his life goals are with the sport. Ivan responded, “I want to make it to the Olympics and win a gold medal.” The goals are set high, it confirms Ivan has confidence and the endurance to continue with the sport and find his successful route. Above all, “What drives you to run?” The Cougar claw asked. Ivan claimed, “I feel like myself and I gain more love for the sport because I’m free.”

 Ivan shows emotion, facing challenges make him stronger and the pain he feels is a challenge he powers through on every run. Identically, The Cougar Claw said, “What do you think about when you run?” Ivan simply said, “Whenever I start feeling pain I try not to think about anything and keep running.” 

At this point nothing can stop Ivan, his intense focus and determination really shows he knows what he wants. Clearly having a team and being more social will bring out the best you can be as a person. The mentality and positivity are high, his team has brought out a better socialization and athletic performance from Ivan Lopez.